Sarcasm-osaurus a limited edition Amber ale.

Using the Czech Saaz hop normally used in Pilsner style beers.

6.8% ABV

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Sarcasm-osaurus is a limited edition amber ale.

We have used a combination of the following malts:

Pale malt, Carapils, Caramunich, Light and medium Crystal malt and Melanoidin.

We added some Saaz hops which is a mild and delicate hop with a distinct earthy, herbal and spicy flavour to beer.

Sarcasm-osaurus with a 6.8% ABV is not for the faint hearted.

Why did we use the Saaz hop, which is predominately used for Pilser style beers.

At Copper Fox Brewery we like to experiment with ingredients.

Which we have done with Sarcasm-osaurus by adding the Saaz hop.

As with all our beers they are bottle conditioned, and we recommend standing the beer upright in a fridge and chilling it down.

This will help with any sediment that may be in the bottle as a rsult of it conditioning.

Currently Sarcasm-osaurus is only available in a 330ml bottle.