Modus Operandi


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Modus Operandi is an IPA and one of our most popular beers with customers.

It is one of ten beers in our core range.

We use a single Pale malt in this IPA, but have a combination of three hops during the boil stage.

The hops used are:

Chinook, Amarillo and Cascade.

All three hops offer a grapefruit flavour/aroma.

You may also detect hints of melon, citrus,apricot and peach from the Amarillo hop.

The Chinook hop will offer hints of pine and spice flavours, whilst the Cascade hop will offer floral aromas along with pine.

These are added at various points during the boil and in various combinations.

Modus Operandi is a 6.6% ABV IPA.

Available in 330ml bottles only.

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