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Lochdoon is an IPA and the first beer produced by Copper Fox Brewery during lockdown in 2020.

This IPA was going to be called ‘Lockdown’.

Fortunately for us, a larger brewery released a beer called ‘Lockdown’.

We decided to call ours ‘Lochdoon’.

As a result we can use our IPA anytime and the customers love the story behind the beer.

We use our favoured base malt, Maris Otter, in this beer and add some Torrified Wheat to the grist.

There is a combination of five different hops, namely Magnum, Chinook, Ahtanum, Cascade and Mosaic added at various stages of the boil process.

Each of the hops are perfect for an IPA style beer, with the US Cascade hop a natural choice for an American IPA.

You should be able to detect a mulitude of flavours and aromas that the hops offer.

You may well detect hints of grapefruit, spice, pine, floral, cedar, apple, pepper, blossom, bubble gum, rose, papaya, tangerine and blueberry.

How many can you detect?

Currently only avaiable in 330ml bottles.

As thius is a bottle conditioned beer, we strongly advise standing upright in a fridge to chill it before drinking.

Chilling the beer will help settle any sediment in the bottle.




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