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Essie is an English style Pale Ale and one of the newest beers we have added to our core range.

Essie was the first beer we produced after we relocated to Rhynie in December 2020.

And is fast becoming one of the most sought after beers by our customers.

We have used a traditional Pale Ale malt along with Torrified Wheat and the dual purpose Northern Brewer hop to produce this great beer.

The Northern Brewer hop was originally bred in England in 1934, and grown in Northern England.

It is a cross between Canterbury Golding and a male seedling of Brewer’s Gold.

Northern Brewer has become one of the main hop varieties in the Hallertau region of Germany.

The aroma profile of the Northern Brewer hop is mint, pine and grass.

The best beer styles for Northern Brewer hops are Porters, English Bitter, and of course English Pale Ales.

Essie with an ABV of 6.1% is currently only available in 330ml bottles.

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