Dark Daze In Elrick


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Dark Daze in Elrick is our take on a Dry Irish Stout.

This was our first foray into the dark world of Stouts and we love this beer.

The world of craft beer is there to be explored and at Copper Fox Brewery we are more than happy to do this and push boundaries to their limits.

As ever we have used our regular base malt, Maris Otter, as our starting point.

With some Flaked Barley and a small amount of Roasted Barley to add the darkness to the beer.

We have strayed from the straight and narrow by using a hop, namely First Gold, not normally associated with Stouts in this beer.

The aroma profile of First Gold are Geranium, magnolia, apricot, tangerine and orange marmalade.

Dark Daze in Elrick, has a soft, smooth mouthfeel with a chocolatey/coffee flavour.

Dark Daze in Elrick, 6.3% ABV is currently only available in 330ml bottles

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