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Ascension is an English IPA

One of our core range beers.

Ascension consists of Pale Ale malt and light Crystal malt.

We have used a small amount of the UK’s Boadicea hop, which has a very mild aroma with subtle grass ,floral and fruit characteristics.

The Boadicea hop wa sbred at Wye College and released in 2004.

It is a dwarf variety derived from the open pollination of a second generation, wild japanese femasle hop.

Ascension has a reasonable 5.7% ABV.

As with all our beers Ascension is bottle conditioned.

We highly recommend that it is stood upright in a fridge and left to chill for a while.

This will help any sediment in the bottle as a result of conditioning to settle.

Ascension is currently only available in a 330ml bottle.

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