Amber Gambler


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Amber Gambler is an American Amber Ale and another of our early beers.

When we do release this particular beer it is popular with our customers who like high ABV beers.

We initially used a combination of Cascade and Mount Hood hops in this beer.

For later batches we revised the recipe and now use three American hops namely Centennial, Cascade and Columbus.

The aroma profile of these hops are:

Centennial – Lemon, floral and orange blossom.

Cascade – Grapefruit, floral and pine.

Columbus – Black pepper, dank and red fruit.

The malts used are Maris Otter (base malt) along with a small amount of Crystal and Chocolate malts.

Amber Gambler is a 7.4% ABV beer.

Packaged in a 330ml bottle.

Bottle conditioned we strongly advise standing this beer uprightin the fridge for a while to chill it down prior to drinking.

By chilling the beer it will help to settle any sediment that may be in the bottle as a result of conditioning.

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